I’ve finished university!! 😀

Hi guys 

So I haven’t posted in a while,  and this is due to the fact that I have been working on my final ever university assignment! I submitted it last night, so it’s all over!

I cannot believe that three years is up. Now to look forward to my graduation ceremony in June and hope that my results are good! 

I’ll hopefully have a lot more time to blog now so I’m looking forward to that. I’m also super excited that I fly to the USA on Thursday! 
I already have a job – I did temporary agency work around uni and now have been made permanent as a Fleet Coordinator and I absolutely love where I work and all of the peoplr which is always a huge bonus!For now, I can relax. 

Exciting times!😍
Miche xxx

April Favourites! 💛

#April Favourites

Hi guys!

I cannot believe that it is time for another favorites post already!  Where did April go?? It’s literally crazy.

So here are my favorites this month:

These are all very affordable items and I love them all😍
Makeup Remover Cloths from B&M

So I’ve seen lots of praise for the original Makeup Eraser which retails at around £15. I had always used Makeup wipes to take my makeup off but when I saw this 2 Pack of make up remover cloths in my local B&M store for only £1.99 I just had to try them. My verdict: absolutely brilliant!  Now obviously I can’t compare this to the original, but from what I’ve seen they look very similar and do pretty much the same job. I wasn’t expecting much but I was amazed at how quickly and easily my makeup came off with this! As it’s quite large I can get four uses out of the same towel by using on half on one side at a time, and then it can be put in the washing machine and reused. Easier to take off make up with than wipes, cheaper in the long run and less waste as you would have with make up wipes. I’m sold!

Baptiste Dry Conditioner Smoothing Conditioning Mist.

So I am a huge fan of Baptiste dry shampoos: they are literally my holy grail! As a result I decided to try this dry Conditioner, and I love it! I usually spray it on damp ends to lock in moisture as it dries but do give my hair a quick spray now and then if it’s a bit dry or flat. I don’t find it greasy at all but then I do only spray on the ends, not the roots, just in case.

Schwarzkopf got2be Beach Matt Mermaid Look Texturizing Salt Spray.

Bit of a mouthful there. So I have to be honest, I only bought this because it had ‘mermaid’ in the name.. Judge me. However I’ve found this soo nice!  It’s makes your hair feel like you’ve been on holiday and, as someone who has such annoyingly flat hair, I love the texturizing effect! Also helps to keep waves in your hair longer imo. I love the packaging too, all tropical and bright and sunny! Perfect for mermaid hair!

*Sidenote: Confession Time. When I was little I was desperate to be a mermaid when I grew up, Ariel was my inspiration. I cannot explain how gutted I was when my mum had to tell me they were mythical creatures when I was about six, it broke my little heart. So you can imagine how happy I was when the whole mermaid trend thingy started, I WILL be a mermaid! 😂😍

Makeup Revolution Pro-Prime Aqua Priming Base

So I really like this stuff. It’s basically water with a few added extras in it and I love how hydrated and fresh it leaves my skin before I put my make up on, and it is an excellent base. I think it will be good when we have some hot weather to freshen up and cool your skin (that’s IF we have some hot weather, if like me you’re British you’ll know that we wait patiently for summer but only get about four days a year when you can actually wear shorts outside, and then in true British fashion, we complain about it being too humid. We like to complain). I will add though that this does contain a hint of perfume – I really like the subtle scent but I know that isn’t for everyone, especially if you have really sensitive skin.

Accessorize Baked Bronzer in the shade ‘Bermuda’ 

Now I have had this forever,it was brought for me one Christmas or birthday and as I never used to use bronzer, I never used it at the time. So me. Anyway now that. I use bronzer I finally got round to using it properly and I love it! It’s not overpowering or too orangey (contrary to my awful photo taking skills) and just has a slight subtle hint of shimmer so it’s gorgeous for summer!  Not sure if Accessorize still stock this but if they do, I’d definitely recommend! 

Make up Revolution Dream Blush Pallete 

Please excuse the fact that I ended up swatching back to front, hence why the numbers are in the wrong order. It’s annoying me. Never mind!

So I never really used blush before I brought the Makeup Revolution ’12 Days of Christmas’ set and this blush pallete was included. Check that post out here😘. Now though,  I rarely leave the house without some blushed cheeks thanks to this gorgeous pallete! As you can see from the above photo, there are a nice mix of subtle and pale shades to brighter, bolder shades. Perfect for night and day!

Makeup Revolution HD Pro Brows Brow Kit.

 This item was again included in the 12 Days of Christmas set and I’m so glad! I love this kit! The kit includes: 4x powders, 2x tints, 1x highlighter, 1x strobe balm, 1x brow enhancing wax, 1x brow sealing wax. 

Just check out the strobe balm (top) and the highlighter! How gorgeous are these!? Perfect not only for your eyebrow arch but also for your ordinary highlight too! Large pans aswell – Love it!

Please ignore the fact that this photo makes the tints look grimy, it’s honestly the lighting, promise! Anyway,  the top four are the powders and the bottom two are the cream tints. I usually use the darkest tint and I love it, it really makes my brows look defined! I use this all the time now!

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Matte Lip Colour in the shade ‘Amen’.

Last but certainly not least! Love this shade, it’s such a nudey-peachy-pinky colour and really works!  I also really like how different the lip applicator is, as I find it much easier to glide the colour over the lips than a regular one. I wouldn’t say it’s completely matte but it isn’t glossy either, it’s really creamy and not drying at all which is perfect for me. I definitely want to try some more colours! 

So there we have it, April is over (almost). I hope you had a wonderful April, hello May!

Miche xxx

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Holiday Excitement! Two weeks til my next USA trip!😍🇺🇸💙

#USA #RoadTrip #Vacation #Holiday #BritishGirlinAmerica #GirlOnTour

Hi guys,

So I really wanted to post something tonight but I couldn’t think of anything, and I’m not at home so I can’t do my April favourites or a make up look or anything like that, however there is something that is very much on my mind – today marks two weeks until my holiday!  That’s vacation if you are American, which is also where I am going to! My third USA Road trip!! Yay!

So in this post I’m just going to talk about what we’re doing and also where I’ve been before. 

So myself and my boyfriend are flying out to Denver, Colorado on Thursday 11th May. We’re heading north via Rocky Mountain National Park to Yellowstone National Park! I’m so excited, we went to Yellowstone last time we went to the USA and it was just absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately I can’t show many photos of that holiday as our SD card got corrupted and we couldn’t rescue the photos, it was just so heartbreaking!  😦 I just have one of the car that we rented. Anyway we’ll be spending a few days in Yellowstone and then we’ll head back down to Denver, probably via South Dakota and Nebraska just so I can say I’ve been over those states lines! Then we will be flying to Georgia where we will be staying with my boyfriend’s USA family in Hiawasee (very north of Georgia), and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see everyone and we will be exploring Georgia, so if anyone has been to or is from Georgia, long shot I know, please tell me if there’s anywhere that I simply cannot miss!!😘

The US of A 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

So it’s not as much of a roadtrip as we usually do but it’s going to be absolutely amazing!!  I love the US so much!
So the last time I went to the USA, as I’ve stated above I have very few pictures, we flew to San Francisco, rented a Chevrolet Camero (gorgeous car😍) and headed to Salt Lake City via a number of wonderful locations! This was September 2015.

The gorgeous Chevrolet Camero! Beautiful backdrop of Sequoia National Park!

The road trip consisted of:

  • Exploring San Francisco, including Alcatraz.
  • We then went to Yosemite National Park which was absolutely beautiful 
  • Then we did Sequoia National Park which was breathtaking (although unfortunately we were surrounded by forest fires, not close enough to close the park but clear enough to see the smoke in the distance when we were high up and to smell it, such a shame but as I learnt, it can be good for the areas as it makes the soil rich somehow, can’t remember the full details).
  • We then headed to Las Vegas (via the Barstow, Cali, outlets😍) which I loved! We stayed in the Mirage Hotel on the strip and got a free upgrade which was absolutely awesome, the suite was HUGE! I actually felt like I was rich, right at the top of a sky high building with a gorgeous view of Vegas! Heaven! I could walk that strip forever. There’s always just so much happening! And the mirage also has a Volcano show in the evening which is absolutely brilliant, and the Bellagio hotel has fountain shows which is breathtaking!  
  • Then we headed down to Arizona, my favourite state so far! We went to Sedona which is probably the best place I’ve ever been to. Bright red rock, gorgeous views, and lush little shops and restaurants. I tried bison, rattlesnake and cactus fries which is soo weird but it was actually quite nice!  (I get so many funny looks when I tell people that. Possibly the look you’re giving your phone/laptop etc right now). 
  • Then we went to Bearizona. Absolutely amazing place! The enclosures are really large for the animals and you can see they are well looked after. Was very frightening but fabulous to see bears and wolves etc in a safari setting) 
  • Then, Monument Valley!  Monument Valley itself was so cool, it was like being in a movie!! But having said that, I wouldn’t go into the park itself again. You can see everything you need to from the road, other than if you have an offroad vehicle, and the staff were very rude. We accidently drove into the wrong bit, but reversed and went round the proper entrance when we realised, but the woman in the kiosk went absolutely ballistic at is even though it was a mistake and we apologied. She went into a massive rant at us about “when you come to the United States of America….” I was like wow. Luckily I knew that American customer service is second to none and this woman was a clear anomaly. Such a shame but maybe this woman just had a bad day and took it out on us. Ah well! I’ve only encountered amazingly nice people other than that, the US citizens are lovely!  Kind and welcoming! I love you guys!
  • Then we headed north through Utah, Idaho and then up to West Yellowstone, Montana. We then spent two days in Yellowstone. It’s simply amazing.  The geothermal pools are like nothing I’d ever seen before, the views are gorgeous and the wildlife is mesmerising. It’s just the most wonderful place!
  • Then we headed back down to Salt Lake City to fly home, but not before we stopped in New York and saw The Lion King live on Broadway 😍 as a huge Disney fan I absolutely loved  it!! The actors were brilliant! It was an amazing end to the holiday! 💜

Now the first time we went to the USA! June 2014! We hired a Ford Mustang this time which was awesome! I’d never driven on the right before, never driven an automatic and I’d never driven such a powerful car so it was so scary yet an amazing feeling! (I literally had my first car at the time, a little 1.0 corsa, the difference is immense 😂). I have a few photos of this holiday so I’ll post a few!

Moi, the Mustang and the beautiful backdrop of Sedona, AZ.

The itinerary:

  • We flew to New York first and spent a few days there, we did the bis tour, saw the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, went up the Empire State Building, took a stroll through Central Park.. Loved it! 
    The view from the Empire State Building 😍
  • Then we flew to Vegas! We didn’t stay on the strip at first (as thats how we ended the holiday) but stayed in a La Quinta hotel (never had a bad experience in this chain yet and have stayed in around ten in various states).
  • Then we set off! We did the Hoover Dam, then headed down to Sedona! As i’ve said above, it’s the best area I’ve been to. I love it! I would definitely recommend a hike in Red Rock State Park, it is amazing!!! 
    Just one photo of the rock formations in Sedona. Imagine being surrounded by these. Straight outta a movie scene 😎
  • Next, an ambition of mine and Im sure of many other people’s: The Grand Canyon. I cannot describe the feeling when you take your first over into the Canyon. It’s just breathtaking.. Immense. It’s a must do, it really is!
    The Grand Canyon 😍
  • We also stopped by a little town called Seligman, where you can see a little bit of the original Route 66. It’s wonderful!  Full of proper ‘wild west’ stores and cafes and the people there are lush, they’ll chatter to you for hours, and I love to talk!! We spoke to a wonderful couple who were doing Route 66 on their bike mad let us take a photo sat on it, it’s brilliant! 
    Love this photo!! Thank you soooo much to the couple that took this shot for us on their bike!! So grateful! Getting our kicks on Route 66!
  • We then headed to Barstow to do some shopping in the Tanger Outlets!  Hello Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein , Guess, Etc 😍
  • Then we went to Los Angeles! 😍 hey City of Angels!  We did some shooting in LA Gun Club and the staff were so helpful and I really enjoyed it! It’s takes a while to get used to the loud bangs in the range, well it did for me, as everytime someone took a shot I jumped out of my skin! Then we had a stroll through Hollywood (just a casual stroll through one of the most famous places in the world you know). Then we drove around Bevelled Hills and walked down Venice Beach as the sun set😍
    Venice Beach, Santa Monica, L.A

    We obviously had to get in one of those cheesy couple photos! I love this one😍
  • Then we went to Death Valley, the place where the hottest ever temperature on earth was recorded in 1921, can’t remember the actual temperature. It was sooo hot yet so awesome!  Also we were debating whether to put the roof down on the car when a coyote walked out in front of us – I am SOOO glad that we didn’t put that roof down! 
    Badwater Basin, Death Valley, CA.
  • Then we headed back to Vegas and spent our last few nights there before heading home! We stayed in Luxor and then Treasure Island! As i’ve already mentioned it is awesome and there’s so much to do! Including in the day! There’s the Dolphin habitat in the Mirage, museum of mob crime (think Al Capone), plenty of malls, restaurants etc, it’s just awesome. We also has a helicopter ride over Vegas at night and they played ‘Viva Las Vegas ‘ by Elvis as we flew, it was a truly mesmerising moment! 
    Awful photo of me but never mind😂 Viva Las Vegas!

    Anyway, I’ll shut up now. If you have read to this point you are absolutely amazing and thank you for continuing to read this waffle! I will probably do a blog post every few days while I’m in the states about what I’m getting up to etc!

    Let me know your thoughts if you love the US like I so or if youre from the US let me know where you’re from as it’s super interesting!! 

    And also, anyone else got exciting holidays /vacations planned? Where are you off to? 😘 whatever the plans, enjoy!!!xxxx

    Thanks guys😘😘😘😘

    Miche xxxx

    Bodyshop Haul April 2017❤

    Hi guys! So I know I haven’t posted in quite a while, I’ve been quite busy, hopefully I’ll have time to update a bit more often soon so bear with me!!

    Anyway so anyone who has read my previous posts will know that I am a huge Bodyshop fan, and here is a bit of a review of a small number of items that I have recently purchased! (I am going to apologise now for the bad photos, the camera on my phone really isn’t the best unfortunately).

    All these goodies 😍😍

    So my first item is the exfoliating hand soap for the Fuji Green Tea range (which you have just got to try out, the scent is just divine). I literally cannot go into Bodyshop or order anything online without adding a bar of soap. I love these soaps because I like to have a bar of soap in the bathroom but many soaps are really drying whereas I dont personally find them that drying at all. Of course, I am the only one who uses this – I’m usually fussy with soap, as I don’t like to use it if someone else has, I’m sure I cant be the only one! And of course many people prefer hand wash but if you do like a good old-fashioned bar of soap definitely give one of these a try!

    Now carrying on with my love for the Fuji Green Tea range, here is the exfoliating gel body scrub. I like the fact that this is a gel scrub so it’s not OTT ‘bitty’ if you know what I mean.. I put it on all over before I go in the shower and it leaves my skin really smooth, especially when I go in with the Green Tea body butter. Obviously being a scrub it may not be for everyone – I don’t have really sensitive skin so it worked fine for me but I don’t know what it would be like if you have sensitive skin or any skin conditions, hopefully would be OK though! It is £15 for a 250ml tub but if you find it abit too pricey yet really like it keep an eye on the Bodyshop website – they often have sales, discounts and offers on! Same goes for all of the products in this haul, I actually got this all when they had 35% off. There are often deals and offers in store too!

    Now I’d never really used a bb cream before and I don’t have blemished skin but I thought I’d give it a go. However, I’ve found that it is great to cover up my annoying large pores! And I love the smell of tea tree oil too, and the fact that this oil is really good for your skin makes me love it even more! Obviously if you don’t like the tea tree scent then it may not be your cup of tea but the smell isn’t overpowering and you can only smell it when you first put it on, or as I found anyway. I have been using this as a base for foundation but it works well if you just want to wear this – nice and light which is perfect for a hot summer day! (Now we in Britain just need one of those hard to find hot days).

    So I’ve only used this once but I found it made my hair really soft and shiny! I haven’t coloured my hair in over a year and to be perfectly honest didn’t realise it was designed for coloured hair -oops – so I can’t say if it helped enhance the colour or not. It smells absolutely gorgeous! It is only 50ml so won’t last very long however as far as I am aware it’s only £3 a pot so really inexpensive! 

    Now I love the Honeymania hand cream so I thought I’d get some of the lip balm! Absolutely love the scent and it’s not a greasy texture compared to a lot of lip balms so what a bonus! And they are the perfect size to just pop in your handbag too.

    Another lipcare product! I actually brought this a while ago but lost it – of course the new one arrived and I found the old one, typical. I just found it quite funky that it’s a roll on! Also I like that it is oil so it isn’t a thick texture and it really moisturises my lips. The only issue I’ve found is if you push it onto your lip too hard the little ball gets pushed into the container so it doesn’t glide as easily, but it isn’t the end of the world!

    I am so I love with both of these mists! The Polynesian Island Tiare scent is summery and exotic! And the Peach one is perfect for spring!  The glass bottles make them look really classy – definitely something nice to have on your dressing table! They were around £8 for 100ml but the glass bottles make them seem more full, and you only need a very little bit. The scent lasts for a really long time too!

    Now for some makeup!  These eyeshadows are lush! Super shimmery and really quite pigmented! The colour on the left in ‘Champagne Kisses’ and the colour on the right is ‘Berry Cute’. The champagne shade is an excellent base colour and the pink shade is perfect for spring! There are a few colours to choose from and are around £7 each but again there are often deals on the Bodyshop website. 

    And last but certainly not least we have the Colour Crush Lipstick in ‘Kiss from a Rose’. This colour is gorgeous and subtle and again perfect for spring. It’s also really creamy and moisturising when you have dry lips like mine! There are also lots of colours to choose from!

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed! I’ll try and post a bit more if I can 🙂

    Miche xx

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    My Egypt Tips!

    OK so I decided to do something a bit different than my usual beauty posts today. I was thinking about my trip to Egypt three years ago and wanted to share some of my tips basically just for the sake of it and in case anyone is interested in travelling to Egypt. Obviously it isn’t so simple with the current situation – I went in a ‘quieter’ period – after the former government had been overthrown and before the threat of IS /Daesh was as it is now. It’s down to personal preference and consideration of risks but at the end of the day, as we’ve seen recently, terrorism is happening everywhere sadly. One day hopefully everyone will take John Lennon’s advice and just love one another and live in peace… A girl can dream.

    Anyway, enough of the political issues because Egypt is so much more! Obviously there are things you may need to be careful of,and I would like to make a disclaimer now that these are tips I have personally made based on my experiences. Others may view the tips differently, and that is absolutely fine. I also can’t really talk about Egypt as a whole because I’ve only been to Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh so can only base my experiences on those places. I’m not exactly a seasoned traveller but I thought I’d have a go! All views are my own!!

    Anyway! Egypt!

    Where To Stay:

    Now I’ve been to Sharm twice, and both times I stayed at the ‘Ibrotel il Mercato’. This is a lush hotel, with beautiful spotless rooms, four pools, rooftop bar, (see photo of the view below), a lush restaurant and you can get it half-board or all inclusive. We only had half-board as we were out in the daytime so didn’t need lunch. half board includes breakfast and dinner whereas all inclusive includes free food at all time, or it did three years ago, so if your ideal holiday/vacation is relaxing at the pool side I’d definitely recommend that. It’s really cheap too, can’t be any more than £45 per night I’m sure. Also, the Mercato is in an amazing location – it’s on a complex which is full of gift shops, clothes stores, restaurants, bars, and a pharmacy (which as I found out is very useful – I needed it both times, I’ll include the reason why in my ‘what not to do’ chapter below). Obviously there are loads of hotel complexes in Sharm, so do your research, check multiple websites, check multiple reviews, and see what is best for you. I can’t help with hotels in Cairo as I only did a day’s excursion but again a little research will help you find somewhere suitable!

    View of Sharm from the hotel rooftop bar😍

    Getting Around:In regards to getting to and from the hotel, arrange for their shuttle bus to take you prior to your visit. There will probably be a small fee but then you have no worries about getting to and from the airport and you will know that you are in reliable hands.

    If you are going an an excursion, tour or trip, the most decent operators will include your transport in the price. If you want to go somewhere, like the beach, a shopping complex or another hotel etc, flag down a taxi. Just please please make sure you’re careful to choose a legit one! The legitimate taxi’s are, or were, blue and white and have their individual ID numbers on them. You can usually haggle with taxi drivers but it’s so cheap anyway so don’t panic of you hate that sort of thing. If you’re worried about whether a taxi is legitimate ask the hotel who will either have their own taxi/chauffeur service or could recommend one for you. This will probably be a little more costly, but nothing compared to UK prices.

    What To Do:

    Now of course I have mentioned that there are four pools, shops, bars, restaurants etc on that hotel site and there probably will be around other hotels. The Mercato also had a jacuzzi, sauna and massage amenities as well as a shisha bar on the complex if that’s your thing.

    If you want to get away from the hotel, I’d definitely recommend Naama Bay. There are many hotels here so you may want to be situated right in the action but if not just get a taxi as mentioned above. Naama Bay is a bustling exciting place and is regarded as the main tourist hub. So many restaurants including Hard Rock Cafe, hundred of shops, the beach and a gorgeous reef, bars, clubs, pubs, literally there’s everything. It’s so nice. It’s also where the duty free shop is so if you make this your first trip after arrival you can get your duty free goods here!!

    One of the gorgeous markets in Naama Bay. Here you could buy anything from clothes to jewellery to souvenirs to Egyptian tea!

    Now the main point of going for Egypt was for us the scuba diving (which ended up as snorkeling for me, details in the next chapter bit). We went with Elite Diving but there are soooo many groups to book with! Simply book your scuba diving, which can range from a try dive, becoming a qualified scuba diver, taking specialised courses or if you’re already qualified just pleasure dives. All you have to do is find the guide group that works for you and book in, and you’ll either get into the water from the bay or you’ll go on a boat. Most groups provide lunch but again check this out first. There are sooo many divers and snorkelers who head to Sharm, the Red Sea is immensely beautiful!  I’d highly recommend getting an underwater camera or waterproof case! Here are just some of our snaps from the boat at the water (absolutely no filters or editing whatsoever!!):

    The boat from the sea!
    Abundance of life on the reef!
    Mr Blue-Spotted Ray just chilling
    Larry the Lionfish (I’m sad and so I named it). Beautiful fish, just don’t touch him, you’ll soon know from the pain how much poison that fish can eject from his spines!
    Rush Hour 😉
    Moi. Ignore my weird Voldemort hand

    As you can see, the Ocean is gorgeous!! 

    Also, there are many excursions available, to Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada etc. I’d recommend booking this beforehand (look up reviews for the best groups on genuine sites like TripAdvisor) rather than just going to Street sellers, however if you have had a good experience with one of these companies please do leave a comment, I just can’t speak from experience. Anyway I had a day’s excursion to Cairo which was absolutely amazing!  You cannot go to Egypt without seeing the pyramids let’s be honest, but I wouldn’t recommend just landing in Cairo with no tour guide, definitely not a safe idea. I’ll try and find the tour guide we went with and the prices and will update this post when I have them. Basically we were picked up at about 4am, taken to the airport, flown to Cairo where we met our tour guide. I think his name was Hassan if I remember rightly. He was soo lovely! We went to the Egyptian museum first, where he taught us some really interesting things about ancient Egyptian history (being a history student this was obviously my cup of tea but also interesting to everyone) such as hieroglyphics (I’ve most probably spelt that wrong), Nefertiti, Tutankhamum, treasures found in the excavated tombs, mummifying etc etc. We then had a short Nile River boat trip, and had lunch in a gorgeous restaurant, and saw the pyramids and the Sphinx. This was unreal!  we also went to the papyrus factory and a perfume factory which the majority of tour operators go to as they get commission from those businesses of you buy anything, so dont feel pressurised. However, this is a great way of getting souvenirs or gifts. I had bookmarks made for my parents and brothers with their names spelt in hieroglyphics from the papyrus factory shop and brought some beautiful perfume oil called ‘Ieda ‘ for me and my mum.  These are more costly than most other gifts that you can buy but not extortionate, and are very personal.

    Don’t be alarmed at the fleet of tanks outside the Egyptian museum! It’s there for safety and to protect the priceless heritage artefacts! The soldiers are very friendly and happy to let you take photos – obviously this isn’t for everyone but I’d never seen a tank in real life up close before so I thought it was kinda cool.

    Titanic-esque posing on the River Nile

    In on of the Giza structures (where the pyramids are)
    Try not to be alarmed while being transported through Egypt! There are no specific lanes, or at least they aren’t used, bumps are common, and be ready for the constant beeping of horns! Drivers in Egypt seem to beep at anything and everything. Hang on tight but enjoy the beautiful cultural sights as you go!

    What Not To Do:

    OK so first things first, if you go diving or snorkeling, don’t do what I did. First time, I went scuba diving and I put my mask on too tight despite the fact that you are explicitly told not to and are taught about how the water pressure gets denser the deeper you go. Stupid me ended up having to see a doctor and being unable to dive for the rest of my holiday (and this was only the third day) due to the fact that the water pressure had burst the blood vessels in my eyes. This meant that the whites of my eyes were completely blood red for about six weeks after. I got some funny looks when I got home, wandering about in public wearing sunglasses in February in the UK..  These looks soon turned to horror when I took the glasses off!! It was awful. This is also why it was great having a pharmacy on the hotel complex so that I could pick up my prescriptions of eye drops and antibiotics. Also, eye drops are the worst things ever. Having eye drops in your eye literally rivals stepping on lego imo. Scuba diving is amazing, don’t be put off by my stupidly, listen and do as you’re told and you’ll be fine and have a wonderful experience.

    I was also an idiot the second time I went to Egypt about six months later. I went snorkeling multiple times throughout the day in just my bikini without reapplying sunscreen because I just don’t ever stop being a doughnut. I got severely sun burnt from my neck to my thighs, I was in ridiculous pain, I was red raw, I couldnt sit down or lay down and I had to go to that same pharmacy (I’ve probably got my name above the door by now) to get painkillers. They also recommended pure aloe very gel which was sooo soothing! I loved it so much that I always keep a bottle of aloe very gel in the bathroom cabinet now.

    I haven’t got any photos of these injuries except on an old phone, I may attempt to find them and put them on here but its probably NSFW especially the eye thing I looked like I’d just come from the set of the Walking Dead. 

    Also, be careful when in shops. It seems more often than not that if you touch it you’ve brought it so be wary. Also some shopkeepers may give you a ‘gift’. Sometimes this is a gift – when one shopkeeper saw my eyes he gave me a bracelet and when we researched it later the symbol on the beads represent the eye so it was lovely and thoughtful, although he did know I was going to buy some sunglasses I’m his shop anyway (I’d been recommended dark sunglasses by the doctor). However sometimes you may have to pay for that ‘gift’ if you don’t make another purchase. Despite that, most Egyptian people are genuine but there are just some that are out to get your money, but that is the case in any country, like the UK, so it’s nothing against Egypt.

    Don’t be surprised if you are a young woman and get catcalled or treated like a ‘celebrity’ as such. Western and/or white people are often regarded as quite wealthy and glamorous – some young girls we met in Cairo had never seen a white girl in real life before, only in magazines, and so they wanted a photo with me. I didn’t realise this until our tour guide told us as I was really taken aback!  I couldn’t believe how happy the girls were! 

    Basically just use your initiative and be careful as you would in any new country.
    Egypt is truly wonderful, full of history and culture. It has something for everyone. From a chill-out beach and pool holiday, to one full of adventure and water sports, to siteseeing and exploring. I would love to go back to Egypt soon!😍🇪🇬

    So that is the longest post I’ve written and it’s taken me about two hundred and forty seven hours to write but if you have actually read until this point you are absolutely amazing. Let me know if you have had any different experiences in Egypt or anything to add – as I say these are my view from my experiences so may not be completely accurate and you may disagree but that’s fine!  Hope you enjoyed! 😘

    Miche xxxxx


    March Favourites 2017

    So I always end up doing these posts late, but I love doing them.❤ Happy April! 

    Here are my favourite products from the month of March! I’ll just say now that my camera is rubbish so apologies for the low quality of the photographs.


    So it’s no secret that I love the Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Kit, but I had to declare how much I love this colour – Runway❤ it’s not drying and doesn’t feel heavy on your lips as some matte lip liquids do, and lasts all day even with eating and drinking. I would recommend this to anyone. I also have the shade ‘go to’ which is a nice pinky nude. Excuse my glittery arm, I had previously swatched an eyeshadow pallete💖

    I absolutely love these Extra Creamy lipsticks from Nyx! They really are super creamy and the colours are just absolutely gorgeous! The pinky red (right swatch) is the shade Chaos and the gorgeous glittery pink (left swatch) is Rose Bouquet which I instantly wanted the minute I swatched the tester in the store. It’s just soooo nice, I wish the photo would do it even more justice. It’s just mesmerising 😍

    Here we have two shades form Kiko’s ‘Smart Eyeshadow’ collection. On the left is shade ’02 Pearly Champagne ‘ and on the right is ’07 Pearly Anise’. These eyeshadows are absolutely amazing, they are sooo pigmented and there are so many colours to choose from, and that’s just these eyeshadows, there are others that I saw instore that I really wish I’d picked up.

    The Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in ‘Peach Light’s. I am absolutely loving this highlighter at the moment! It’s so pigmented for only £3 and it’s the perfect shade for me! It’s not to OTT which a few strokes so is great for daily use but it can also be built up by adding more layers. So pwitty!  Again very spring-like😍

    So this lip balm and scrub duo is super cheap from Superdrug, basically just for the fact that the packaging looks so gorgeous and summery! I wasn’t really expecting anything decent, but I actually really like these! They smell (and taste) so nice and do make my lips really soft which is so good as my lips are so annoyingly dry.

    Another lip care product that I love is the Barry M ‘Cor Balmy’ tinted lip balm in the shade ‘Currant Bun’. It’s really moisturising and it’s great for daily use! The colour is lush too!

    The L.A Girl Pro-Conceal HD Concealer. So I’ve heard people rave about this concealer so I thought I’d give it ago. It’s really cheap yet works really well! I’ve been using it daily and it’s great. I have it in the shade porcelain. 

    Now a previous post of mine discussed my love  for the Bodyshop Hand Creams and I mentioned the Green Tea one. I love the scent so much that I decided to buy the matching body butter! It’s absolutely lush ❤ 

    And last but not least is another Bodyshop product – the Strawberry roll on anti-perspirant deodorant. I don’t usually use roll -ons as they take forever to dry but this one dries quite quickly and smells amazing!  The fruity scent is perfect for spring and summer😍

    So that’s finally it! My March Favourites 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    Miche xx